Rob Mulholland

Tide Flow - Time Flow 2012


Installation at the Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park 2012  on the kyles of Bute,

Argyll, Scotland - Exhibition open from 24th June to October 2012

Tide-Flow----Time-Flow-12 Tide-Flow----Time-Flow-8 Tide-Flow----Time-Flow-7 Tide-Flow----Time-Flow-4 Tide-Flow----Time-Flow-17

Mirrored stainless steel figures approx 1.85 mtrs high


Tide Flow – Time Flow


Rob Mulholland’s  ‘ Tide Flow – Time Flow ‘ is part of a group exhibition at the newly opened Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park overlooking the Kyles of Bute, Argyll, Scotland.


‘ Tide Flow – Time Flow ‘ has been installed on the shores of the Kyles of Bute. As the tide ebbs and flows, the reflections of the sun and sea constantly alter the appearance of the mirrored stainless steel forms creating a kinetic surface that moves to the rhythm of the sea. The Cretaceous sea-forms, standing alongside the human figures, are a reference to our genetic past and ask us to consider our evolutionary journey thus far.