Rob Mulholland

The Four Seasons 2013

The-Four-Seasons-by-John-Al Loch-Earn-figures-1--web single-figure-web--Loch-Ear Four Seasons installation - Loch Earn Rob-installing-figures-web

This installation was commissioned by Andrew Low, owner of ‘The Four Seasons Hotel’ at the head of Loch Earn in the small Perthshire village of St Fillans. It’s a wonderful view down this beautiful Loch.


‘ The Four Seasons ‘, particularly with the pier suggests a mood of anticipation, as if the figures are awaiting the return of others sent on a distant passage. It refers to a sense of homecoming, returning and re-connecting to our ancestral roots. The title also refers the passing of time and natural cycle of the seasons, which are physically and metaphorically reflected in the figures.


John albiston images


Image by Alan Cameron